Participant Area

Participant Area

Welcome to the Wonder WebRTC unConference

Friends 🙌 the time has come to talk about our bright browser-based future!

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🗓️ Schedule
📕 unConference HowTo Guide
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Our hashtags @virtual_wonder: #webrtcUnconf #webrtc #unconference

🗓️ Agenda

5:00-5:15: Arrival & Warm-up 🔥
  1. Participants are arriving in the Wonder space
  2. Running into people and getting to know each other 👐
5:15-5:25: Kick-off & Briefing

We kick off the event with a few words and explain how everything works

5:25-6:40: Session planning
  1. All attendees get together to define the agenda
  2. Every attendee can pitch sessions they want to host
  3. If attendees show interest, we add it to the schedule 🙂
  4. Once finished, our unConference is all set based on the topics the audience is most interested in 🙌🏽

See the schedule (created during this session)

Session length is 30 min max


Afraid to speak in front of the audience? No pressure, you can also enter your proposal straight into the list and we are going to present it for you 😇


Learn more about session formats and check the unConference Guide


You can also submit your idea here.

6:40 - 8:30: unConf sessions
  1. The fun starts 🤟🏽
  2. Sessions are running simultaneously
  3. Everybody is free to join and leave sessions at any time

Don't feel obligated to stay until the end of the session if you are not interested. Just use you (virtual) 2 feet and join another session. Go with the flow!

8:30: Networking & drinks 🍻
  1. After sessions are finished, we are all energized - right? 😂
  2. Let's cool down and meet for virtual drinks and mingle

🗓️ Schedule

☑️ Checklist

For All Participants

  1. Use a desktop NOT a mobile device
  2. Supported browsers: Chrome WebKit alternatives Microsoft Edge
  3. Check out our Wonder Space and our Guest Guide to get familiar with our platform 🙂
  4. Check the Agenda and learn how everything works.
  5. Explore the Session Proposals
  6. Remember the unConf Mindset 🧘🏽
  7. Get ready for the fun! 😊

For Session Hosts

  1. Have your session proposal ready to enter it into the schedule during the planning session or do it right away. ➡️ Session Proposals
  2. Check out the session demo room to get familiar with the platform you will be using to host your session.
    1. Type: /help for all commands
    2. Record: /record
  3. Learn
    How to join the broadcast to pitch your session
    during the planning session.
  4. Think again about the format. Remember, unConf sessions should be as collaborative as possible vs traditional speaker <> passive audience formats. Learn more in the 📕 unConference HowTo Guide
  5. And relax! 😉 Others are interested in making your session work too! We are all in this together.

What the heck is an unConference?

Basically, a bunch of geeks getting together, informally sharing experiences while having a good time.

At a conference, you spend most of your time passively listening. An unConference gives you the chance to share your own expertise and engage in conversation with a number of like-minded experts in your field. Here, you move beyond attending into collaborating.
  1. There are no selected "speakers", only participants and no pre-defined schedule!
  2. All attendees decide together what they are going to talk about at the beginning of the event.
  3. Every participant can pitch their own topics/sessions to the audience, no matter how well known you are in the industry!
  4. Based on the interest of the audience, sessions are added to the schedule or not
  5. Et voila, we have our very own mini-conference ready!

Session Formats

  • It can be anything around WebRTC
  • Sessions can be 10-30 minutes long
  • Sessions are aimed at smaller groups to be more collaborative and fun vs passive conference formats.
  • The format can be anything like a simple group discussion, show & tell, interactive workshop, lighting talk - as experimental as you like!

Mindset & Principles

  • Whoever comes are the right people
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
  • Don't be sad if your session is not getting accepted - you're here to enjoy the conference
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • When it is over it is over
  • The law of 2 Feet: You are free to come and go from sessions as you please. If you feel you are not learning or contributing in a session, use your feet to find a new one.

How to join the broadcast to pitch your session