Chris Allen

Chris Allen

CEO at Red5 Pro
A professional software architect and engineer for over 15 years, Chris led the team that reverse engineered RTMP, Adobe Flash’s video streaming protocol launching the open source server Red5. A couple of years later he started Infrared5 in 2007 with his wife, Rebecca, and technical co-founder, Dominick, to respond to the demand for custom software built on Red5. In the last few years, the company has launched a proprietary version, Red5 Pro that enables live realtime streaming capabilities at huge scale. Chris co-authored the book "The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash", and is a leader in the open source community. He regularly presents at startup, and technology and interactive conferences worldwide.

Previous talks

Live Video Streaming Trends

As people are isolated in their homes due to COVID-19, true connectivity is more important than ever, and passive viewing of live streams itself isn't enough. Chris Allen, Technical co-founder and CEO of Red5 Pro will discuss the trends they are seeing in live real-time video streaming and the impact interactivity is having on the end-user experience. He will also dive into a few different use cases and talk about Red5 Pro's approach to providing sub-500 ms latency to millions of concurrent viewers using their WebRTC-based, cross-cloud distribution system.

The Future: Realtime Video Streaming

Chris and his team at Red5 are currently at the forefront of a new revolution in the streaming industry: the advent of real-time broadcasts at huge scale. They work with a variety of emerging use cases around live interactive video content including live sports interactions, trivia games, live auctions, IoT body cams, drone implementations and more. Chris will delve into these applications, and discuss the impact of this new medium on the near future. He will also talk about all the available options to build scalable real-time latency video experiences including the protocols needed; WebRTC, WebSockets, MSE, RTSP, RTMP, etc. He will cover current product offerings in the market such as TokBox, Wowza, and Red5 Pro. Chris will also discuss evolving distribution models like CDNs, cloud, as well as emerging distribution trends like decentralization via technologies like Blockchain.

The Quest For Low-Latency Live Video

Live streaming should provide not just the same quality of experience as TV broadcasts, but even higher quality, with lower latency, and enable new live video use cases not possible with broadcast TV. Also critical is support of the myriad connected devices consumers use to view that content. In this session, learn about the pros and cons of various technologies on both the contribution and delivery side of lowlatency streaming, including small chunk size HLS/DASH, WebRTC, WebSockets, QUIC, SRT, and CMAF.