Leonard Witteler

Leonard Witteler

Co-Founder at Wonder
When I heard about WebRTC for the first time in 2015, the technology got me excited immediately. Video conferencing right in the browser without having to download a plugin, that sounded truly groundbreaking. I decided to start coding. Fast forward a few years, Pascal, Stephane and I got together and launched Wonder into a suddenly remote-first world. The approach took off over night, creating a virtual space where groups meet, talk, exchange ideas and work together.

Session proposal

The Wonder Story & How should we go from here?

Length: 30 min
Format: Show&Tell and group discussion

In the first part (10 min), Leo will share the short but exciting ride we had with building Wonder without actual WebRTC expert knowledge. He will drive you through the history from the first prototype, to hyper-growth, architectural challenges and share the bad&good moments. In the second part (20 min), we'd like like to call for an open discussion on how to best go forward from here. We don't make it a secret that we are no WebRTC gurus and would love to hear the many different perspectives on how to build a highly scalable platform while being able to focus on the product vs re-inventing the wheel.