Paul-Louis Ageneau

Paul-Louis Ageneau

Creator of libdatachannel and WebTorrent support in libtorrent
Paul-Louis Ageneau is a freelance engineer from France specialized in computer networks. He received his engineering degree from École Polytechnique and his PhD from Télécom ParisTech, where he worked on network coding applications. Paul-Louis is the author and maintainer of open source software like libdatachannel, a WebRTC and WebSockets C/C++ standalone library, libjuice, a lightweight UDP ICE library, and Violet, a lightweight STUN/TURN server. As a decentralized networks enthusiast, he recently implemented support for the WebTorrent protocol in libtorrent, a famous open source BitTorrent library, creating the first native WebTorrent client. Apart from his current focus on WebRTC, Paul-Louis has a wide range of interests in new technologies, from OpenGL rendering to robotics and 3D printing. He likes building small robots and tinkering with legacy consumer electronics like Minitels or Furbys.